Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More pictures from Elder Rucker!

Here are some new (and some goofy) pictures of Elder Rucker in the MTC. He's doing great and working hard!
"The common MTC 'pointing to your mission' picture"

"Yum, Vanessa's cupcakes!"

"Fun games after hard studying. I love this game!"

"The soccer team!"

"My district"

"I spend a lot of my time learning the language. TRC was really awesome again, we taught Isaac, who was a really great guy and a talker, he basically talked for the whole 40 minutes...His Khmae was really good. I understood basically everything he was saying. So I was feeling pretty cool after that like I had a handle on the language. Then at dinner that night we ran into the 2 Elders that just came in from Cambodia going to San Bernadino California English speaking mission. They asked us 1 question and I have no idea what they said, their accent and their speed was just unbelieveable. Excited to get to Cambodia though to start learning."
He also said:
"It was funny yesterday because Elder Gibson said to Elder Edmunds khnom nung sl>b pria you, what he meant to say was khnom nung sl>p you. He said "I'm going to spoon you" instead of saying "I'm going to kill you for stealing my pen." Haha, stuff like that hapens all the time, we have our fun and silly games and what not but we focus when it's focus time, everyone here is so dedicated, motivated, and focused its awesome. I love all of you and I know this church is true and I know that christ lives. Love always, Elder Rucker"
Remember to jot down something and send it to Elder Rucker, he LOVES letters! He is such an amazing missionary!

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