Friday, November 4, 2011

First Baptism and New Clothes

So this last week was pretty fun. Friday and Saturday were dreadful because we had no electricity for that whole time, it was sooooo hot and I got eaten alive by mosquitoes because we had to open all the windows. But besides that all good. We got the new Elder in the house, Elder Aan. He is so funny. He is soooo Khmae. The Khmaes have this weird idea in their head if you eat bread you become weak, and you get strong and big from rice. And whenever they talk to us they ask us if all we eat in France is bread. 2 things wrong with that, they think we are from France but try to talk to us in English, and they think all we do is eat bread. Its kinda funny. So when I say Elder Aan is Khmae, when we ask him if he wants some bread he says "no I don’t like bread". But he is honestly the funniest kid ever. He is smaller than you mom. He is a little over 100 pounds and like 5'2'' ish. He is so cool.

Sokhnaa got baptized on Sunday. It’s so crazy to finally have had my first baptism. He is such an amazing guy. He understands so much. He had been learning from the Elders for 1 year! Yeah they have to learn for a long time otherwise if you baptize then you get inactive members like Lookpuu Lii, who was baptized after 2 months and thinks the branch president is jesus. But no Sokhnaa is super awesome, and he is so excited, and he told us he wants to help us. So now all we got to do is get him off on a mission.

I got my new Khmae clothes last Wednesday and they are soooo nice. They fit me sooo good. The shirts I have already aren't too much hotter, they are just super big, but they are fine, but the pants, the Khmae pants are soooo much cooler and like half the weight its insane Tailored they are like 8 or 9$ each. I'll attach a picture of me. It’s with just some random Khmae that I asked if he wanted to take a picture with me. Hahaha he was super shy and embarrassed because he thought his clothes were too dirty. It was super funny.

This last week we got a call out of nowhere from some random person. It was a 19 girl who got the pamphlet that we handed to her dad and she wants to learn. That’s saying a lot because phone calls here are suuper expensive, she spent like 1$ to talk to us. So we visited her house and her sister mom and dad all want to learn, and while we were teaching her like 20 people around her house, all her neighbors, came to talk to us. We got attacked with question, it went from wow you know Khmae really well, you speak so well, to wow you are so pretty, to look at my daughter she is pretty white do you want to take a Khmae wife, to will you teach me English, then we brought it full circle by turning it into a, no sorry we only come to the house to teach about Jesus, do you want to learn? It was crazy though they were all super nice and I have such a good feeling about that village back there. I feel like it’s just ready to explode. I'm hoping we will have a lot of success back there.

So last Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Ann, the Khmae elder. That was possibly the hardest day of my entire life. And not in the way you would think either. I didn't get dehydrated or tired, in fact when we got home Elder Ann instantly laid on his bed and passed out, clothes on and all. Haha the entire day I was asking him if he was tired yet. But it was super hard because he is SO quiet. I literally had to talk to everybody and say everything! It was so amazing though, I felt so blessed because my ability to talk and understand was so great. If that wasn't gift of tongues I don't know what is.

So there are 2 investigators that I want to talk about today. Both came from contacting and they are new. First you already know a little bit I think, not sure I forget. Anyways, her name is ceentaa, she is 19 years old and called us after finding our phone number on a pamphlet we gave to her Father. She is super excited to learn, we only stopped by her house once, last Friday, asked if she wanted to learn, and she said yes, we did the intro to teaching where we kinda just got to know each other, set up a return appointment and left. She went to church that Sunday! Which is super rare for khmae's. And she walked! She absolutely loved it. She said the last Jesus church she went to all laughed at her for coming so far and were rude and unfriendly because she was new. She went to church and said everyone was suuuper nice to her, and somebody even drove her home on their moto. She is super excited to learn and so committed already.

The next is Chaandii. We contacted him one time, and found out he is Sokhnaa's cousin. He didn't have a phone number so we told him we'd ask Sokhnaa where is house was and we'd go find him one day. He didn't seem that interested. Well right after that the road flooded and the only way you could get to his house was by boat which is against the rules for us because its they super sketchy makeshift boats that I don't even understand why they float. So anyways after 2 weeks it all went away. and we went to talk to him. He told us he was super bored when he was talking with us. But he told us he couldn't stop thinking about it for days. And he started finding and noticing people who were doing the Jesus thing and saw how much better their lives were and he said he knows he has to join. So he asked us how to join and we told him he can always come but to be a member you have to learn and be baptized, so he is super excited and ready. it’s just such a testimony builder about how the lord really is out there preparing people for you. It's so nice to talk to somebody like him after talking to countless of hardened Buddhists who ask for medicine or money, we tell them know, and they tell us our church doesn't help anyone and isn't a real Jesus church.

So anyways, I love you so much family. I know this church is true. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ, his only true church. I know it was restored and that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I testify with all my heart that we have the restored gospel on the earth again, and once again we have the saving ordinances that allow us to return to our Father in Heaven. I love you all, and keep smiling.
Love, Elder Rucker

Elder Nicosa, Ryan's companion is burning
his pants to commenorate his year and a half
on a mission.

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