Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bold New Year in Cambodia

Happy New Years!! Another new year, craaaazy. Finally started my full year in the mission field. This transfer is going by super quick, transfer calls are in a week. I'm absolutely loving my time with Elder Jorgensen. I haven't talked about him too much but that's not because I don't like him. He's actually the best. Super funny and super fun Elder, great worker too. It's fun being with someone young because he will only leave like 2 months before me so I'll be able to see him like my whole mission. Super excited for this new year, I have some big goals. I want to make a lot happen. As for this past week it was another old week in Cambodia. Once again, its super hot.

We had a huge gap of time because 2 appointments got ditched and Tuesday's are a little empty anyways. So we decided to go walking through this littler village of kids. We had a really good contact with this lady. She asked questions like "what does your church give" or "if I join Jesus am I still allowed to go worship at the Watt". So by good contact I meant normal :-P. The funny part was like 20 kids ages 2-10 started surrounding us while we were contacting. We asked for the lady's name before we left so we could find her again. She said "I don't have a name, everyone calls me aunot or mom" so basically like 'I don't want you to find me.' As we were walking away though the kids pulled us aside and told us her name, haha it was super funny. So we started playing with the kids. Kicking a Saye around, which is almost ike a hackeysack style toy, it's hard to explain but you kick it and hit it with your hands to keep it in the air we took pictures, which they love to do, take pictures then look at it, and Elder Jorgensen did some yo-yo tricks for them, I'm learning btw so I can do that for them. The kids are just so bored here that anything entertains them, they loved it and it was super fun. It gets al the parents arund to see how friendly we are, and it's a good foundation for the kids to show that Jesus is nice and friendly, when we were leaving they were all saying how they want to join Jesus now. Just getting the people to love you, it's too much fun.
Elder Aan and I during exchanges. It's nice, now that I can
somewhat understand what they're saying and I can say
more of what I'm thinking, I can talk with Elder Aan more
normally. He is such an aweosme guy. You will never meet
a single other person like him. We went around, biking a lot,
and it never gets him down. I always learn a lot with him.
Investigators for this week. Miing Puo came to church, Score. She came to church and loved it; she was talking to everyone and is starting to feel more comfortable at the church. That's the only thing keeping he from progressing. She does everything except for that. We went and taught her and her kids and it was fun as usual. Hopefully she keeps on going.

This last week was harder, only beacuse since Elder Jorgensen got here we have had quiet a bit of success. But this last week was kind of a refin'ers fire week. Lost some of the investigators we found togethr and the good ones are rising to the top and the bad ones are sinking. Just working hard, trying not to lose any investigators.

Chandii asleep when we showed up to teach him haha, he was
so embarassed when he woke up
For some reason this week, lesson after lesson fell through. None of our investigators came to church. And I realized I'm sick of taking "I'm too busy" for an answer, or being too embarrassed to tell them about what we believe in. I was sick of not getting phone numbers and having them not tell me their name. So I got bold. Not rude, but bold. Ended up getting like 8 phone numbers yesterday. Each of them knowing we teach about Jesus and me asking if we could come again and teach and they said yes. Even if all but 1 fall through that would be super awesome. There was one lady who was super cold when I showed up, and I just bore testimony after testimony. Eveuntally she asked if she was having to throw away her Buddha religion. I told her she doesn't have to, all we want to do si teach, but I promise that if you learn about our church, about Jesus Christ, you will know that this is true and you will want to believe in Jesus rather than Buddha. I ended getting her phone number and her agreeing for us coming back and teaching. Whether it works out or not it doesn't matter, just tired of being too embarrassed to be bold.

me holding a wild bird that I caught off the tree
I feel like Elder Holland. This work is TOO important to keep messing around or being shy or whatever. One thing I've really realized I need to help these people understand is the Restoration, because they just don't get it, honestly sometimes I think I don't get it. THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. It doesn't matter what other churches give, who has the nicest members, who has the most fun activities, which church does this or that because in the end, they all lack one thing, the Truth. Without having ordinances performed by the priesthood authority of God, it's just not possible to gain eternal life, to live with your family forever, to be happy for eternity in the presence of our Father in Heaven. And this is the only true churc that has that authority from God. Either Joseph Smith saw God and JEsus Christ or he didn't Either the Book of Mormon is the word of God or it isn't. This isn't just a self help program to make you feel happier; it's bigger than that, it's salvation. Then all in all if you gain that testimony, that sure knowledge that this is hte true church of God, Jesus and God appeared to Joseph Smith and restored this church, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, if you get that sure knowledge that all that happened and is true, then it should give you the desire to follow it. To follow the prophet, follow the commandsments, do what you are supposed to, and most importantly, to share it with others, because it is just too important to not. And that's what I'm trying to learn personally, but mostly trying to help them to learn, for them to gain that firm testimony in the Restoration.

Making this nasty fish paste they love. I don't know why they
love it, it's disgusting.
I love you all so very much. I know that this is the one and only true church today. I know this is the work of the Lord. Jesus is at the head and is directing it. I know this is where I'm suposed to be, and what I'm supposed to be doing.

Jesus plaque thing nailed to a tree. I
thought it was so cool when I saw it.
It says, "Jesus' blood washes sins."

Love always, Elder Rucker

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