Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heart in tune

Hey family.

Everything in Ta Khmau is going great right now. This last week was, if you could describe it in one word, Guided. Things are really working out for us. We have been working really hard going CBR hunting, contacting, and finding/meeting with the leaders of the branch. So far a success.

Elder Meyers and I are getting along great. I'm really happy to have him as my kid. I've really been working hard to make sure that he is comfortable with providing his opinion and his own ideas. To provide a small story I had read the presidents letter, which talked about yielding to your companion. That day we were out CBR hunting. We came across a CBR of a 17 year old girl and 11 year old boy who are inactives near the church. We asked the branch and they said they are always in Phnom Penh learning and you can't meet them. So we decided to go anyways. We show up and only and older lady is there who said she was their grandma visiting from a province and said they went to school, and then said they went to the doctor because they were sick. Anyways she was of no help so we decided to go to the next house. While there Elder Meyers asked to stop, and then said "I think we should go back" , at first i didn't want to, but then i thought about it a little, and i realized it doesn't matter what we do because its getting dark and the next CBRs are hard to find so either way doesn't matter, so I thought this would be a good time to show that i respect his opinion and trust him, so we prayed, and then began riding back to the same house. The whole time I was praying that they would be there and this would work out, that I didn't need it as a sign, but that it would really raise our spirits up after a hard and not too successful day. We show up to the house and guess what, the whole family is there. The kids and the parents. The little boy came to church yesterday and the girl committed to start learning with us once a week.

On Sunday we had an investigator come to church, and oddly, his name is Lookpu Jew. Sorry there is just no other way to romanize the spelling of his name :-p . Anyways he's over 50 years old, he grows banana trees, lives in a little hut by himself, nad just had eye surgery. He has stopped smoking and drinking, and really wants to get baptized. He is the most amazing little man ever (by little i mean he's shorter than you mom). He is on track to being baptized in 2 weeks.

A lot of times I question and think about what it means to be a success, more specifically what it means to be a successful missionary. To me a success is someone who has unyielding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Some who shows his faith by repenting daily (working towards righteous goals) and is obedient, somebody who can feel the spirit in their lives, guiding and supporting them. This entire week was filled miracles, day after day, where we showed our faith through our diligent, obedient, and righteous efforts in bringing God's children unto Christ. We prayed and had the faith that even though we don't know what we are doing, the Lord would provide a way. And I can say without a doubt, this week was guided by the spirit. Numerous people were placed in our paths, and every single day was filled with miracles. The Lord felt so kind as to bless us with a little success. I'm so grateful for his mercy on the weak.

I know that this church is True. God, our Father, lovingly gave his only begotten son to die for us. I know that God is a God of miracles. Everyday i wondered why my mission wasn't filled with amazing stories and awesome conversion stories of people finding the church and getting baptized in a week. I felt like I was going to go home empty. I've learned that the problem wasn't with God, or what i was doing. The problem was with my eyes. I couldn't see the little miracles happening every moment of every day. Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God? The little whispering of peace and hope, is the greatest witness we can receive from God. A small voice that confirms our righteous desires and actions. There is no greater witness we can receive from God. All we have to do is get our heart in tune, to hear it.

Love, Elder Rucker

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