Monday, December 10, 2012

Assistant to the President

One of my favorite families. He is the 2nd counselor, far left is his wife, and the one next to me is my investigator Dane, who is a friend of that family. We found her because we reactivated her older sister and she started learning. At first, she didn't want to learn and hated us. Now, she was super sad to see me leaving and is planning on become a member and becoming a missionary in 1 year. She set the goal herself, i didn't even mention that yet.

Well. It was Saturday at like 6, president gave me a call. Elder Sem has been sick for a while so i thought that he was calling about that and got the wrong number. He asked if i had a minute. Then he asked me if i would accept the call to be his assistant. I totally forget that transfer were even here. So i have been called to be the new AP for president Moon. I go in today at 3. The actually exchange happens on Friday but i'm getting called in early. Elder Sem is going to whitewash 9th branch with a khmer companion. Elder Garlick will be district leader. And elder An will be with my old companion, Elder Jongsma. Super crazy.

Me and a bunch of the youth at Kah Ko. They all went in order to go a big party we scheduled down there and to say goodbye to me.

It will be super sad to leave this area. It was so hard not to cry. This was the first area where people were calling me and saying goodbye and saying how much they would miss me. People actually cried, it was so nice. I really did feel loved in this area. I am glad to say i can leave this area with no regrets. I did was I was supposed to do and now I am moving on to something new. 

I just want you all to know i know this church is true. And that God has a plan for all of us.

Love always, Elder Rucker

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