Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Visit to the Royal Palace

Hello everyone! this week was a pretty interesting week. It started off pretty good, and ended even better. There are tons of things going on. Next week we will be headed out for our province trip again. Then back to get back into the grind of things.

Tuesday was leadership training meeting. from 8 am to 5 pm we were able to train the leaders. Specifically, Elder Gibson and I were able to train on Accountability and Evaluate your teaching. The overall theme being communication. The importance of communicating with you companion to help you have unity in everyday life as well as in teaching investigators.

Cool things are going on here in Cambodia. First things first. I want to know if you guys ever heard about these things or its a cambodia thing or what. 1. gangnam style. Its super big over here (has been for a while i've just always forget to write about it). Its kind of dying down now but it hit big. Everyone was doing the dance, shirts were being sold, all that good stuff. 2. The king of cambodia Norodom Sihanouk died. He died in October. Did you guys ever hear about that? There was a lot of stuff going on here for that. Friday was a big parade where they brought his body around in a parade from Watt Phnom to freedom monument back to the Royal Palace. Monday will be an even bigger day, where they will finally cremate the body of the King. Today we went to the royal palace because we all haven't gone yet. So we went today because we figured, is there a better time than now to go? We get all the way into the line to go into the palace, and an English Press guy came up to us and asked if we were really going to try to go in. We asked why not. He said that they haven't let a foreigner in yet, then he said we got the farthest out of any so far though. Luckily we happened to fit the requirements of the dress code, white shirt black pants, and we knew Khmer. Well long story short, we got in. It was super cool. A huge big 'ol tower with his coffin at the top of it with lots of people burning incense and praying for him. It was crazy.

After we finished at the Royal Palace we decided to go next door to the National Museum while we were there. That was pretty cool but overall i thought it was a little weak and pretty small. They wouldn't even let us take picture inside, what's the point of going to a museum if you can't take picture of all the random little things that they have. The funny part was though, while we were at the Museum we happen to run into Don and Sovan (our investigators) at the national museum. That was fun. We were able to make great progress with them this week. We were able to finally get them to commit to a date. We also started teaching Sovan in Khmer because she really wasn't understanding that much, which was good for her to hear it in Khmer anyways. We commited them to be baptized on the 17th of this month. It was a little scary for him because he realized how many addictions he had to overcome first, but overall he was optimistic, willing, and determined to change so that he could be baptized. It was so amazing to see such great faith shown. We didn't know how he was going to react, but his desire to follow Jesus Christ was so great he was willing to take a chance.

I know that this is the True Church of Jesus Christ restored again to the Earth through a modern day Prophet.

Elder Rucker

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