Sunday, March 17, 2013

Phnom Banon, Pictures, and Baptisms

Well this week was pretty insane. where do i begin.

Monday was a pretty good day we were able to go visit Phnom Banon. That's where most of my pictures are from. Its this really tall mountain with a temple at the top. To be honest its not that cool but i was so dead from climbing all the way to the top of that dumb thing. The coolest part was walking down, we got the bottom and went into a cave with a really old Khmer guy. He showed us this broken down tunnel that used to exist that soldiers and what not would used to escape from the Khmer Rouge. He said at one point it lead all the way into thailand.

The rest of the week was filled with tons of biking and meeting. We were able to help Elder Yeates (the senior couple up here) meet with the presidency and translate. He is currently working on securing a plot of land to use for burying the bodies of members so they do no have to do the cremation and Khmer Temples. He is honestly the greatest senior couple elders ever. He is super proactive, and gets stuff done. He knows almost all the members and knows when their are problems before we even do and he doesn't really even speak khmer.

So anyways the week, it was honestly so long i don't know if i could honestly remember i did. Honestly it felt so fast when we were doing it but at the end of the week we look back and just think holy crap, that was forever. It culminated in us moving dirt for almost 4 hours. biking almost 30 kilometers, cooking food for our recent converts. all off of a couple bottles of water, a bowl of cereal, 1 plate of rice with curry, and a smoothie, all day. The next day i was home all day because i got heat stroke. My body just totally crashed. The mere stats of what we did yesterday are insane. I have probably like at least 7 pounds this last week and a half. Definitely was a wake up call that i need to eat a ton more, or work a lot less.

Well that's basically about it for me. Yesterday we baptized a mother and her 4 kids. It was so cool because 1 of her sons was already a member (18yrs old) and was able to baptize his mom and four sybllings. He was nervous and didn't want to but we made him because we knew that would be something so cool to tell people while he is on his mission. I know that this work is true. Battambang is so crazy. After this next weekend, (where we will have more baptisms hopefully) we will have close to 50 recent converts. Imagine being in a ward, where almost half of the attendance, are members baptized within the last year. Insanity.

Love always, Elder Rucker

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