Thursday, June 6, 2013

As of Lately

May 27
So I just got off the 7 hour bus ride to get down here to Phnom Penh. Yes it's my last time here in the city. That's weird. I just got done shopping at the Russian Market where i bought a couple of movies and a little souvenir or 2 as a gift. It's really funny in fact. I was going around to all the shops i always went to or took people too, and 3 of them even gave me some free stuff as a going home present. I got 2 little scarf things and a free movie. It was great!

Monday was tons of fun. We went and rode the bamboo train. Really not that great. Nothing too special with the bamboo train. However, I am glad that i have ridden it. It was a good 'ol Indian Jones ride. It was fast, and rickety, and you felt like you could die at any moment. We were literally on our way back and the brake fell off of our train. That's how sketchy it was. But it was alright. It was fun. We met a lady at the halfway point they stop at (where they sell all sorts of stuff for the foreigners) and the lady thought we were the coolest people ever because she knew khmer. I was telling her we had to go and she almost starting crying she was so disappointed. She just wanted somebody to talk to so bad. That night we did a good 'ol Family Reunion which consists of singing, praying, sharing a story from Jesus Christ's life, a couple of rounds of Hot Potato until everyone's faces get drawn on, and then drink soda until you are sick. So much fun.

Tuesday we went to Siem Riep for a special conference with Elder L. Whitney Clayton, Elder Wilson, President Moon, and their wives. It took the whole day and you are going to think this is weird, but it was disappointing. He didn't have anything prepared to speak about it seemed like, so he opened the whole 2 hours for Q&A. The most fun part about it was the car ride with all the Battambang missionaries packed into a van.
June 2
So this week was a pretty normal week. We were able to start meeting with our Recent Converts and investigators again. One of the biggest problems that we are facing right now is that the tractor is no longer coming from kampong preah (our far place) to take all the recent converts to church. The driver got in a huge fight with his wife, borrowed money from the branch president, etc, which basically means he is too embarrassed and doesn't feel like coming to church anymore. Our last hope for anyone to drive it to church was our investigator Chouen. We went to his house in order to meet with him Saturday. We showed up and the wife instantly says "sorry Elder we are going to have to lie to you" (meaning they can't go to church Sunday). The husband finally shows up and his countenance says i don't want to meet right now. We were able to share about Abinadi and Nephi (in a non official lesson setting) then we were able to give him a blessing since he was sick with a fever. It was the most spiritually strong blessing i have ever given. We left leaving him clear blessings of church attendance, and a bold commitment. His countenance was changed when we left, and you could see the gears running in his head, thinking about going to church. The story was great, but unfortonately the outcome was calling him Sunday morning to get an answer of "sorry Elder we can't go to church today". It was such a sad morning. That day we ended our fast with a prayer for them, as we know that we will not be able to go meet them anymore since it takes a whole night with Elder and Sister Yeates when we can teach more people closer to the church in Ordambang where 4 families didn't come to church. Its always sad to see that happen.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity that i have to serve here in battambang, i'm working hard and there is nothing to worry about.

Love always, Elder Rucker

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