Monday, October 29, 2012

Baptism and another Transfer in Ta Khmao

Why hello family. How is everyone? For me things are going really well. Transfer calls just came in last night. Elder Barney is going to siem riep and elder Sem is staying. Elder Garlick is coming to be his new companion, which i'm super excited for because he is absolutely hilarious. As for me and Elder Meyers. Elder Meyers is leaving for Stoeung Mean Chey (thats where the book kind of takes place, he will be near trash mountain). I am staying in Ta Khmao as District Leader. Sister vom is leaving for Kampong Cham and Sister Chin will be training. As for my new companion, I don't know yet because I will be training again. President Moon told me I did a great job and said he felt really inspired to have me train again. So hey, who knows what will happen. I'm just glad to know that it won't nearly be as hard as last time, because i know the area and we already have investigators and less actives to go see. I'm very excited. Not surprised though, i had a feeling I was going to train again. I hope he is Khmer.

This week was very successful, we set new records for everything, from lessons taught, to investigators at church, to new investigators. We have been very blessed this week. One lady in particular stands out. We contacted her, and she gave me a fake name, but we got a return appointment. We show up and she's not there, but her son is there and he told us she just barely left. He gave us her real name and her phone number. We called her and she was really rude and said i'm busy right now leave me a lone basically. 2 days later she called us, and was super nice, and said sorry we weren't able to meet and asked when we could meet again. We met her, commited her to go to church. She went to church with her 2 kids. 30 minutes into Sacrament meeting she left (note i didn't even know she was there, she went and sat behind Elder Meyeres). I called her that night, turns out she had to take her kids home, but came back and loved it, and she asked us when we could meet again. That's just 1 of the many miracles we were able to see this week. I'm hoping with this new Elder we could get 4-6  more baptisms.

Kim got baptized! it was super great. And it is the first real baptism this place has had since the beginning of MARCH. I'm hoping this is the first of many. I'm so excited for him, he is so great. He is going to do so well.

Its a picture of me making the Rice cake thing. Its not even hard to do at all. Very fun. They were so awesome. They knew that i would come kind of late, so they made a bunch already and started cooking them, so when i showed up they had about 5 or 6 left to do so i could learn, and then we threw those in. So when we were done making them the other ones were done cooking so we could eat them. Super awesome.

That's a picture of all of us at the house in Kah Ko. The reason they are holding up a pink a green pig thing is because that's what i brought them. I was able to commit two of the girls to start saving money for their mission, if i would buy them a piggy bank (my idea). They are only like .50. The guy charged me $1 each, but i gave it to him anyways because i felt bad for him, he just sells random junk off of his bike all day everyday. So yeah it was a very fun day.

Well that's about it for me. I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for all the prayers, I can really feel. I love you all.

Elder Rucker 

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