Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baptisms, Batman, and Baby Rats

Howdy. Everything in Ta Khmau for us is going great. The most fun thing about it is that we are starting to get investigators. We are now almost up to 10 solid investigators vs. about 4 at the beginning of the week. It's funny how when I went into 1st branch i was in the same situation. No recent converts no investigators. Then when i came here, the same thing. Now as i've been here its almost the same outcome as 1st branch. A little bit into the 2nd transfer all the investigators start flowing in. All of them have been referalls. Either from us working with in-actives or us working with members. We have definately gotten our Less Active program going and now are starting to go full throttle on investigators. This week we are going to start hitting the pavement contacting and finding more. The thing that we are really looking for is a family. That's the only thing we are missing. If we could just find 1 progressing family this area would go from good to awesome, so this week the will definitely be our focus.

The pictures are pretty interesting today. 1 is from the baptism we had this last Sunday. 2 kids out in Kah Ko. Kids of former inactives. I also went to Dream Land. Its the amusement park in cambodia. Its absolutely terrible. Their coolest rides are a small ferris wheel and the swinging viking ship ride. But it was fun to go. I didn't go to ride the rides, i actually went on an exchange to 5th branch.  But anyways we went to go visit a recent convert family who run a little restaurant stand thing there. It was so fun, they gave us ice cream, soda, weird potato things, and did i mention, i got to meet batman :-) . 

The picture of me holding the weird cup thing, well that's a funny story. As we were teaching Elder Khan saw a huge rat thing run up into the roofing of the stand. The rat was massive. That's where they keep their food and stuff so the guy climbed up there to get it out.

Just going to close up by telling you about 1 really prepared investigator. Kim. He is about 18 years old. This week he started learning with us. He is already on chapter 10 of the book of mormon. He is praying every day. He ended the baptismal service. Last Friday he literally asked us "yeah Elders i have a question, when can i do the baptism thing". He is so prepared. He is scheduled to be baptized November 4th.

I truly know that the Lord is out there preparing these people. This is the work of the Lord. The most important thing for us to do as members, is missionary work. There is nothing else more important for us to do, whether we are 8 or 80. "Therefore, all ye that have a desire to serve God, ye are called to the work". That means you mom and dad! I'm just kidding :-p.

Love always, Elder Rucker

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