Sunday, April 14, 2013

Training Again and More Pictures

So transfers calls are in. To be honest I totally forgot that they were even coming. We didn't have President Moon's number saved in our phone for some reason. While i was busy taking numbers he tried to call me like 3 times and because i didn't recognize the number i thought it was some weirdo khmer person trying to call me so i ignored it thinking i'd call it back when i was done. Well i finally answered it and it was President Moon. haha. A lot less weird or intimidating to talk to President now then before after i've been AP and talked to him every day. But yes he has officially asked me to be a trainer. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to train again.

Another cool thing is that Elder Stanley's new companion is going to be Elder Meyers. How cool is that. My old trainee, in the same house as my new trainee. And next transfer Elder Meyers will for sure train because 10+ more people are coming. So i will be in the same house as my grandchild :-p. So funny.

This week was a lot of fun. My companion and I personalities are really different but for some reason we mesh really well together. He is one of the most fun companions ever. We have had a lot of fun just going around and meeting members. 2 funny stories. 

1. We had a family home evening on Monday. It was so funny to watch those people play hot potato for the very first time. They were going crazy. That's my favorite game to play with them. You start the little speaker playing that i bought and have them start tossing this foam ball around. You stop it, then that person gets baby powdered or drawn on or a piece of tape on the face. They start screaming and yelling and loving it. They are honestly the most easty people to entertain in the whole world just because they are so bored all the time. Then it's time for soda. A cooler with a huge block of ice in it. You dump in the soda. Then everyone uses their cups to scoop it out. So unsanitary. haha.

2. We biked all the way to our far area on saturday and because there aren't any places to get food we packed a lunch. Leftover spaghetti. We started eating it at some recent converts house after they invited us to eat lunch with them. We didn't finish it all so she took all the leftover sphagetti and ate it. She is so crazy.

I realized this last sunday one my my favorite lessons to teach, is simply sharing stories from the life of jesus christ. It's just hard to remember that they've never heard them. They don't know where Jesus was born. They don't know Mary rode a donkey to Bethlehem. They don't know the story of jesus healing the lepers, casting out the sinners from the temple, etc. I love sharing the stories. I was teaching the 2nd hour in church and just starting going on all the pictures in the picture book and explaining them. After 40  minutes i stopped and asked if they understand, if they'd like to read scriptures, or if i was talking too much. I realized they were all glued to the pictures and the lady said no it's so entertaining (addicting is the word she used) and told me to keep going and not stop. I love Jesus Christ. I love his example. I love how awesome of a God he is. He is perfect. He can do anything that he wants. He will never offend anyone, do something wrong, or let us down. He is so amazing. I'm so proud to be able to represent him and introduce people to him. I love being a missionary.

Love, Elder Rucker

We bought tons of sugar and put in the koolaid mix and turned our entire 5 gallon jug into koolaid. Haha

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