Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leadership Conference and Plowing rice fields

Hey everybody!

Monday and Tuesday were completely committed to going to the city for the missionary leadership training conference. I was quite honored to be asked to teach there. The main part was actually my own. President also told the AP's to not spend the time coming to battambang this transfer for exchanges because he is not worried about me at all. So i felt very complemented.

So like i said monday and tuesday were mission leadership training. We rode back (we being elder brittain and myself) with Sister Tsuchida (japaneese) and Sister Kacher.

Wednesday was normal. Thursdsay was cool, normal. Friday was the zone conference. Saturday was normal. Saturday was pretty fun though beecause i was able to translate for president moon when he interviewed the district presidency. So that killed most of the day, but it was super interesting. I have had so much experience working with church leadership it's crazy. I feel like i have been a branch president for 2 years. I am super grateful for all the training i have been able to personally have from textbook training to hands on experience to tons of examples of both the good and the bad.

This week i was able to plow a rice field. I drove one of the tractors that they have here. I felt like a real farmer doing it. I dare your dad to find a job for me that is harder than that :-p . That's how real farmers do it, haha i'm just kidding. It was so suprisingly tiring though. You would be plowing and you could feel yourself getting tired, especially while doing it in that super hot sun, but then you stop and sit down and it kicks in really bad and you almost feel sick. it was so tiring. I'm proud to say though that the member said of all the missionaries that have ever helped him, he said i learned the quickest and was the best. so yeah whats up.

We were also able to help people destroy their wooden house and rebuild it, as well as cut some bamboo down a build a chicken coup for one of my recent converts. I tell you what i feel like i could totally dominate survivor. If i was on that game i would either dominate or get voted off super fast because i'm so good. I can cook rice in a pot over coals, fish, build stuff out of bamboo, i would be able to live so easlily with all the stuff i have learned on my mission.

I'm very happy, I'm healthy, I love serving the Lord. Thanks for being so supportive. 

Love always, Elder Rucker

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